A Process Framework for Increasing the Probability of Project Success

Glen B. Alleman at Herding Cats have blogged about A Process Framework for Increasing the Probability of Project Success.

  • The cost estimates for the project and the basis of estimate for those costs. The customer wants to know how much the product or service will cost

  • A Work Breakdown Structure describing the products and their components to be delivered and the work process needed to deliver those products

  • An Organizational Breakdown Structure describing who is participating in the project

  • A Responsibility Assignment Matrix that connects the participants in the project with the deliverables of the project and identifies who is accountable for each deliverable

  • An Integrated time-phased plan and master schedule showing the flow of increasing maturity of the deliverables and the sequence of work needed to produce each deliverable to its planned level of maturity

  • A Work Authorization and Control Account process to allocate funding, control expenditures, and assure budget control of the project

  • A means of accumulating costs from each work activity (Work Package)

  • Analysis of the cost, schedule, and technical performance measures of the project

  • A set of management actions that use the analysis information

  • Baseline Change Control processes to maintain the integrity of all commitments of the project

  • Training needed to perform the processes

  • Surveillance needed to assure the process are being applied correctly and the expected benefits from these process are being delivered to the project

What form each of these processes takes is project and method dependent. But in the absence of some form of these processes, the probability of success is reduced.

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