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Mash - Yahoo's Social Network

Finally, Yahoo! has introduced its next generation social-network. Named Mash, the network is in beta, and is invite only as of now.

Mash borrows some features from Facebook, MySpace, and My Yahoo.
You can load a set of modules onto your profile page and move them around drag-and-drop style. The modules include Flickr RSS, Ego Boost, Common Friends, MyMoshLog2, Blog Feeds (RSS 2.0), Asteroids, Astrology, PimpMyPet, Hover, Kaleidescope, Guestbook, and My Stuff. Seems 3rd party developers would also able to develop modules for mash soon.

One of the interesting change from the rest of the social-networking-gang is the ability to edit friends' pages. Each time you visit your profile page, you may see new modules that others have loaded for you. This capability certainly adds to the “mashing” aspect of the social network!

Though access to Mash is invite only, invites are easily available now. If you want one, just drop your name and email id in the comments.

Link: Y! Mash

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$4,800 iPhone Bill

Jay Levy and his family took their iPhones on a Mediterranean cruise. Now the Hewlett Harbor entrepreneur feels as if he got taken for a ride, receiving a 54-page monthly bill of nearly $4,800 from AT&T Wireless.

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Java 1.5 - Application Memory Monitoring Made Easy

There is a new tool called Java Monitoring & Management Console in 1.5 edition of J2SE (available as %JDK_HOME%\bin\jconsole.exe). Simply set
and start your Application Server or Servlet Container. Launch JConsole tool, and when asked for attaching, pick the appropriate process to attach.

[Pic 1 - Choose a Process to attach to.]

[Pic 2 - JConsole in Action]

I have a JDK 1.6 on W2K machine.

Here is a link from Sun's Java website. Textbooks

Copyright Vs. Contract

With the increasing use of open source softwares around the globe, multiple interpretations of the licensing is causing a lot of heart-burns. The Free Software Foundation has always claimed that Open Source Licenses are copyrights, and not mere contracts. Now, a San Fransisco court has ruled that the said license violation was only a contract violation and not a copyright infringement. The case involves Artistic License. This ruling is contrary to that belief and creates more confusion in an already confused open source license space.

This ruling indicates that the courts and the legal experts do not fully understand the concept of Open Source. What is going to be more interesting is to see how if impacts other licenses.

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