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Simultaneous posting on Blogger and MSN Spaces

Now you can easily post your Blogger post on MSN Spaces without doing any cut-copy-paste. The trick is very simple and anybody can use it in no time.

Sign into your MSN Spaces and access Settings > EMail Settings. Turn on e-mail publishing. Specify up-to-three email addresses you want to use to publish blog entries. Enter your Blogger Mail-to-Blogger Address here (BloggerDashboard > Settings > EMail) in one of them.Choose a secret word. (Let us say it is 'agent007'). This secret word is combined with your space name (Lets say it is mymsnspace) to form a special e-mail address ( that only you can use to publish entries to your space. Access Settings tabs in you Blogger Dashboard in another window. There is a textfield named BlogSend Address. Here provide an email address to have your blog mailed to whenever you publish it. Enter your special e-mail address that MSN Spaces has created for you (…