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Get Dropbox for online backup

JDBC Performance Pointers

Here are a few of the JDBC Performance pointers. Hopefully, there are a lot more, which you may be aware of, but not mentioned here. Care to share them as well?Get database connection from connection pool rather than getting it directly
Use batch transactions. Choose right isolation level as per your requirement. TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITED gives best performance for concurrent transaction based applications. TRANSACTION_NONE gives best performance for non-concurrent transaction based applications. Your database server may not support all isolation levels, be aware of your database server features.Use PreparedStatement when you execute the same statement more than once. Use CallableStatement when you want result from multiple and complex statements for a single request. Use batch update facility available in Statements. Use batch retrieval facility available in Statements or ResultSet. Set up proper direction for processing rows. Use proper getXXX() methods. Close ResultSet, Statement …

[Humor] Always give your 100% to work

Always give your 100% to work... :)

[received in an email]

Flock is here (Developer Review Release)

Have just installed Flock, the new Firefox based browser. Too early for any review, it is still deep in the 'developer review'. Download and check it out yourself. Actually, I got the invitation to check it from Flock guys. They even sent me a userid/password, but I didnt require it to download it :))

[Humor] Outsource to India

Receive this interesting pic in an email :))

Google Home page in 2084

Srinivas has published an image of the 'purposed' Google Home Page in 2084. Check it out :: A Java Geek's Diary : Weblog

Spam Comments

In the past few days, some of my posts have been receiving 'spam comments'. Therefore, I have enabled the word-verification option to discourage the spammers. Hope, it wont discourage the people who really want to share the experiences.