Thursday, November 19, 2009

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta is Available Now

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta is available for download now. Download it and activate it using the key provided on the download page.

Download it here.

An overview of the product is available at Amit Agarwal's Digital Inspiration.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Word Verification for Comments


I had to enable the word verification on the comments today. It follows a stream of spam comments on some of the posts. I hope this extra step wont deter the readers leaving their comments.

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Google's new Web Protocol SPDY

Google has purposed a new application protocol running on SSL, intended to make the web faster, and have called it SPDY (pronounced "SPeeDY"). Google calls SPDY an application-layer protocol for transporting content over the web. PDY is designed specifically for minimal latency. As per Google,
"HTTP is the application level protocol providing basic request/response semantics. While we believe that there may be opportunities to improve latency at the transport layer, our initial investigations have focussed on the application layer, HTTP.

Unfortunately, HTTP was not particularly designed for latency. Furthermore, the web pages transmitted today are significantly different from web pages 10 years ago such and demand improvements to HTTP that could not have been anticipated when HTTP was developed..."

"SPDY replaces some parts of HTTP, but mostly augments it. At the highest level of the application layer, the request-response protocol remains the same. SPDY still uses HTTP methods, headers, and other semantics. But SPDY overrides other parts of the protocol, such as connection management and data transfer formats."
For prototype, they have created an open source web server and an SPDY-enabled Chrome browser. In lab tests, they have observed up to 64% reductions in page load times in SPDY over HTTP.

Links: SPDY Whitepaper | Let's make the web faster - a Google initative

 Building Scalable Web Sites 
Building Scalable Web Sites: Building, Scaling, and Optimizing the Next Generation of Web Applications

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Spring Batch Admin

Spring Batch Admin provides a web-based user interface that features an admin console for Spring Batch applications and systems. It is a new open-source project from SpringSource. A milestone release is likely to be available soon, and a final release is expected in early 2010.
[via Spring Source Team Blog]
Spring in ActionSpring in Action

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Mockingbird — Web-Based Wireframe App

Mockingbird is an online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application. It’s a true web app (no Flash).

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Complete Guide to Google Wave

Gina Trapani and Adam Pash of Lifehacker have put together a comprehensive guide for Google Wave. Guide is available for free viewing here. A DRM-free is expected to be available for download in next couple of weeks, followed by print version in 2010.
Link: The Complete Guide to Google Wave

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