jConfig is an extremely helpful utility, arming the developer with a simple API for the management of properties. Parts of the implementation are based on the idea that Properties, from Java's perspective, are a good thing, but can be better. jConfig employs the use of XML files for storing and retrieving of property information. The information can be stuffed into nice categories, which makes management quite a bit simpler. The ability to load from a URL is also a nice feature. It allows for a central repository where multiple instances of jConfig can read a single file. The nifty ability to switch between XML and Properties files isn't fully exploited yet, but will be coming soon. That will mean that the developer would take their existing Properties files and export them to XML. That means less time to get up and get going with jConfig.

My team is planning to use JConfig in one of the upcoming projects. If you have a view on JConfig, plz share that experience. Or, if you are using some alternative, that would also be helpful.

Link: JConfig(1) JConfig(2)

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