Developing a Spring Framework MVC application step-by-step

Recently, I started reading on Spring. I was looking for an example application code, and then, I came across this article on The article is quite old (first written in July 2003, and then revised in April 2005), but quite relavent to topic. This is a hand-holding type of tutorial and develops an application from scratch, covering various Spring components, and even talks to HSqlDB, with JUnit test cases. Ant is used for deployment. It takes not more than 2-3 hours to develop the complete application.

Application is covered in 4 steps:
  • Basic Application and Environment Setup
  • Developing and Configuring the Application
  • Adding Unit Tests and a Form to the Application
  • Implementing Database Persistence

The tutorial assumes a Tomcat installation, but then u can develop it for any servlet engine or application server (e.g. i did it for JBoss).

it is a good exercise if u r new to Spring, or want to have a first hand look at Spring.


AC de Souza said…
Do you know Stripes?

It looks easier to me.


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