Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blogging in Hindi

रजनीश अपने ब्लोग पर आप का सवागत कर्ता है! अब आप ब्लॉगर पर हिंदी में भी ब्लोग्गिंग कर सकते है! आप यहाँ कुछ भी हिंदी में लिख सकते है, और हिंदी और इंग्लिश को मिक्स करके भी लिख सकते है।

Now, u can post Hindi entries on your blogspot blog.

"Blogger offers an automatic transliteration option for converting Roman characters to the Devanagari characters used in Hindi. This lets you type Hindi words phonetically in English script and still have them appear in their correct alphabet. Note that this is not the same as translation -- it is the sound of the words that are converted from one alphabet to other, not their meaning."
All u r required to do is to enable transliteration option in settings, and u r all set to blog in Hindi!

This is a good step, though a bit late, by Google to allow Hindi on its products. I wish 2 see more regional languages (not only from India, but across the world) on various Google products.
थैंक्स गूगल!


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