What is perl.com? pm.org? perl.org? cpan.org?

  • The Perl Foundation is an advocacy organization for the Perl language which maintains the web site http://www.perl.org/ as a general advocacy site for the Perl language. It uses the domain to provide general support services to the Perl community, including the hosting of mailing lists, web sites, and other services. The web site http://www.perl.org is a general advocacy site for the Perl language, and there are many other sub-domains for special topics, such as
  • Perl Mongers uses the pm.org domain for services related to Perl user groups, including the hosting of mailing lists and web sites. See the Perl user group web site at http://www.pm.org/group for more information about joining, starting, or requesting services for a Perl user.
  • http://www.cpan.org/ is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a replicated worldwide repository of Perl software.


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