Helipad - The flexible web notepad

Helipad is a web-based tool, which means you can use it wherever you can get online.

Since Helipad is a hosted application, we do all the boring stuff: backup documents, maintain security, upgrade software, while you're left to do the most important thing: write.
  • Write notes and organize them with tags
  • Create and maintain to-do lists
  • Draft documents on any computer or phone with Internet access
  • Share your work with others

  • Unobtrusive auto-save: set a timer to save automatically so you
  • don't lose your work
  • Organize your documents with tags
  • Quickly find documents with a live-search on every page
  • Customize your Helipad with themes and plugins
  • Share your documents with friends
  • Prepare documents for print by changing fonts

Get more out of Helipad
  • Helipad works with popular phone web browsers.
  • Your notes look great printed from Helipad.
  • Developers can get more out of Helipad by using the API, or by writing add-ons.

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