Looking for info for Web Hosting

I am planning to have a domain for my blog. However, I have no experience of having a separate domain and getting it hosted. So, I would like to know how to proceed on that. I am in India, and would prefer a Company that accepts payment in Indian Rupees. Also, while selecting a company for hosting the sites, which facilities/features I should see e.g. sub-domains, email ids, storage etc. Also, what are the popular blog softwares required? Plz share your experiences.


Kiruthik said…

Get a domain in Yahoo its just $2 per year. And hosting there r many ppl in india. but I prefer www.crystalTech.com

one of the biggest in hosting. also try godaddy.com
but u must hv a credit card to pay for their service...

Blogging s/w u hv wordpress, dasblog etc.,

i use dasblog its a open source .net(asp.net & C#) based one. no database required just everything in XML. visit dasblog.net

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