Using AJAX with Java Technology

Greg Murray has written an introductory article on AJAX with Java for Sun's Enterprise Java Technologies Tech Tips series.


Dan Allen said…
I strongly disagree that AJAX works well with JSF right now. Granted it does have potential to work because JSF has a flexible design, but the current implementation is lackluster at best. It is very frustrating to have choosen JSF and then to realize that using it right now actually makes AJAX almost impossible given time constraints. Simple AJAX calls are simply not must commit to an integrated AJAX design, unfortunately. And what, we have to wait for JavaEE 1.5 to get native AJAX in the spec? Please.
Rajneesh Garg said…
I have not used AJAX with JSF so far, but would certainly like to see how well the two integrates. Thats why, I would like to know the constraints that you faced during the integration of AJAX with JSF.

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