[Humor] What is inheritance?

Interviewer: Mr. Singh, Can u tell me, what is inheritance.

Sardaar : (Embarrassed by this simple que.) When U make love to ur wife and she bears a child, that is Inheritance.

Interviewer was a thorough professional and was not disturbed by Sardaar's reply. But he wanted to have some fun.

Interviewer: Then what is Multiple Inheritance?
Sardaar : When U and ur neighbour make love with ur wife and ur wife bears a single child, that is multiple inheritance.

Interviewer: What is Virtual Function?
Sardaar: When ur neighbour makes love with ur wife and u assume that, the child is urs.

Interviewer: What is Pure Virtual Function?
Sardaar: When u r impotent and still ur wife bears a child.

This was too much for the interviewer; so he got angry and got up. but the sardarjee was very cool. He said immediately, "no problem, just assume that ur wife is an abstract base class and allow her to be derived as many times as possible.


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