How do I make Tomcat startup faster?

These are a few of the options u can try to make your Tomcat Server startup faster:
  • Get a faster computer (:D)
  • Make sure your code is not doing slow things. (Use a profiler like JProbe)
  • Remove any jar files you don't need. When searching for classes every JAR file needs to be examined to find the needed class. Also during webapp startup, jar files are searched for TLD files. If the jar file is not there - there is nothing to search.
  • Remove any webapps you don't need. (So remove the all the webapps installed with tomcat)
  • Tweak memory parameters - Google is your friend.
  • Trim the config files as much as possible. XML parsing is not cheap. The less there is to parse - the faster things will go.


Rajneesh Garg said…
Instead of Jetty, I would recommend Resin. Resin has given excellent results, especially with IBM JDK. Alternatively, use IBM JDK with Tomcat.

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